Hello all! It feels like we’ve decided to skip Spring and dive straight into Summer. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to see the last of the snow this year.

Warmer weather means shorts, cold treats enjoyed outside, trips to the park, and enjoying the beauty spots in Gloucestershire. For us, it means using the lovely temperatures and beautiful natural conditions to shoot outdoors.

(Interested in getting an outdoor portrait done of yourself and your family? Give us a call at 01452 310002 or email us at bookings@empirestatephotography.co.uk and let’s talk about it!)


Don’t like the weather? Wait fifteen minutes!

In Britain, you can’t always count on having a beautiful, sunny day for your pictures. On any given day, there is at least a slight chance of clouds, if not rain. That’s okay! Overcast weather makes for a natural diffuser, so it makes the human skin look incredible. It may not be intuitive, but a cloudy day can make for some killer photos in natural light!


The Golden Hour

If you have an interest in Photography, you may have heard about The Golden Hour. This is a period of time just after sunrise or before sunset where the quality of the light is a little softer and redder than it is when the sun is high in the sky. It’s true – you can get some truly incredible shots working outdoors during the Golden Hour!

It’s especially fun when the weather is nice and warm!

Unfortunately, as we approach the warmer season, sunrise comes earlier and sunset comes later. This means that if you want to take advantage of these gorgeous lighting conditions, you’re going to have to get out there for an early start at 6 AM or a late finish at 9 PM. Wrangling children at those hours can be extremely challenging, depending on the age, but the results are often worth it!


Light is beautiful during the Golden Hour!


Action Shots!

A big benefit to shooting outside with children is the ability to capture them in their natural habitat – having loads of fun at play! It’s difficult to tell a child to sit still in front of a studio backdrop. It’s the easiest thing in the world to tell a child to run around and have fun in the park, and you can get great shots out of it.

It can be difficult to nail the focus on shots like these, especially if you’re getting the frame in tight to the face. When they’re excited at play, though, opportunities come quickly and easily.


A baby in motion is extremely hard to catch in-focus!


How can I book an outdoor session?

Outdoor sessions are a little bit different to our usual offerings. We charge £195 for an outdoor appointment as opposed to our usual New York Package rate. This is because an outdoor session necessarily occupies a much larger time slot than usual, as well as requiring us to bring all of the kit to the location and back.

To compensate for the higher price, you do get more at the end of the shoot. Four images are included in the cost instead of the usual one! We also allow up to ten subjects instead of the usual eight, because the normal restrictions on fitting large numbers of people against our backdrops no longer apply.

To book an outdoor session, please have a think about where you’d like the shoot done and how many people you’d like to invite. Then, give us a call at 01452 310002 to discuss it with us, so we can work out a date and time!