Pets are more than just friends. They’re family. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or something more exotic, they’re an important part of your household. Great news – we do allow well-behaved pets in the studio! Why not let us create a beautiful portrait of them for you to keep forever?

(Interested in getting a portrait done of your pet? You can book online with us for just £15 and get a lovely canvas print at no extra cost with our New York Package!)

Pets are a unique and fun challenge! Most of them are fairly bad at following directions – Cats, for example, pride themselves on doing the opposite of what you want them to. Even so, there’s a natural beauty to animals that lends itself to some stunning photography. Here’s some advice for bringing your pet into the studio!



Being calm and patient goes a long way toward making your pet feel at ease in the studio. Dogs are especially sensitive to human emotions and they respond well to human cues. If you’re relaxed, they’re relaxed.

It can be difficult to get a good shot of any pet, but patience is always rewarded. We’ve never had a situation where getting a satisfying image was outright impossible, and the key is keeping a cool head.



Sometimes, being calm is not quite enough. That’s okay. The next step is a classic – bribery!

Treats and the promise of treats can work wonders with regard to getting your pet to hold position for the camera. Dogs understand the concept well and will frequently cooperate in exchange for payment. Cats also understand the concept of collecting tribute from their humans, and can often be convinced to stay in one place if you pay them.

This cooperation only lasts for a moment in a lot of cases, but that’s often enough. It only takes a second to capture the image.

Bribery is a tried and true method.


Is your pet inclined to dash under the couch when you put them down? Do they find the urge to sniff everything in sight irrepressible? This is where cuddles can help.

A dog wants to be near you most of the time to begin with, so they’re much more inclined to sit still for a photograph if their favorite humans are sitting with them. Pets like Cats and Rabbits are also small enough to hold, which both makes for a touching picture and prevents them from flying off at the same time.

Dogs and Cats are by no means the only pets we do. We’re perfectly willing to take pictures of any family pet you can bring, as long as we can get it up to the studio! To enquire, email us at or call us at 01452310002.

Cuddles can get a timid pup into the shot!