Whether you’re actively job hunting or just keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date for networking, a professional headshot is an investment you need to make. Obviously, I can’t say that without bias – I’m a photographer and it is my sincere hope that you will come to my studio when you’re in the market for a headshot.

Nevertheless, I’d argue that having a business headshot can give you the edge you need while applying for jobs, building professional connections while networking, or marketing your company online.

Here’s why.


It’s not just for actors and models!


Because of the rise of Social Media, every role is now a client-facing role. If your CV attracts attention from potential employers, the first thing they’ll do is Google. Your social media presence can say a lot about the kind of person you are, and it’s important to control the narrative.

It’s said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What are those thousand words telling people about you? Are they billing you as a person who is confident and approachable? A professional headshot looks professional. It’s a clear signal that you’re someone who puts the effort in and pays attention to details.

A phone shot sends the opposite message. It looks low-effort and sends the message that you’re not the sort of person who cares much about getting the details right.


Confident, put-together, and approachable.


It’s an investment worth making


A professional headshot is something you can use everywhere, especially if you have the rights to digital distribution – something I’m happy to say we include with every purchase!

If you have a digital copy of your headshot, you can use it anywhere. You can put it on your website, your Facebook business page, your Google account, Social Media, as a design element of your CV, business cards, your blog… anywhere you’re expected or encouraged to have a picture of yourself available. Once you own it, it costs nothing to use. Why not use it again and again?


Employers will make snap judgments based on your picture


When we want to decide if someone is trustworthy or if we like them, we don’t read what they’ve written or listen to what they’re saying. We look them in the eyes. We scan their faces. We can’t help it – it’s programming embedded deep in the reptile brain.

We’re trained to bring out your personality in a photo. It’s what you’re paying for, and it’s what makes that price worthwhile. After all, you want people to look at your photo and think “This is a person you can trust with your business.” Sending that message takes knowledge, skill, and practice.

Employers will look at your photo and make judgments based on how personable you appear to be. It pays to make sure you’re sending the right signals.


Absolutely fearless.


We can put your best face forward


Don’t think you’re particularly photogenic? It’s a comment we see a lot, and just about everybody is surprised at how great the results are when they come to view the final shots. Nobody expects to look as good as they do! We can do incredible things with professional lighting, camera equipment, and computer software to make sure you’re left with a picture that is unmistakably you at your best.

Do you hate having your picture taken? We understand, and we know that making sure you’re happy and comfortable is an important part of getting the shot right. We’re experienced putting clients at ease in front of the lens.

A professional touch really does make the difference in a headshot. It’s a worthy investment that will pay dividends later when you’re job hunting, networking, or trying to get business.